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How Does It Work?

It’s simple! Sign up for membership here or by heading to the form below, and every week you get a veg bag of your chosen size (and optional fruit) delivered to your collection point of choice.

Decide a bag size:

Small Bag
6 types of veg

Standard Bag
9 types of veg

Family Bag
11 types of veg

Fruit Suppliment
4 types of fruit

Pick a food from your culture option (or choose our new one size leafy bag):

African & Caribbean

North European

Leafy Bag

More options to come…if you have a food from your culture you’d like to see, we’d love to hear from you.

Pick a price tier:

Our pricing system aims to create a visionary new model through which we can break out this cycle. The Good Food Box model is designed to keep the costs down for everyone (through limiting choice, simplifying our systems, having community based pick ups, working with community volunteers). Additionally our pricing system is designed so that those who are more economically comfortable pay a bit more so that those who normally wouldn’t be able to join a veg box scheme, can. You can read read more about this in our FAQs.

The Bag What You Get Good Food Solidarity Price Good Food Go Price Good Food Start Price
Small Veg Bag 6 Portions of varied veg £54
per month*
per month*
per month*
Standard Veg Bag 9 Portions of varied veg £82
per month*
per month*
per month*
Family Veg Bag 10 Portions of veg, larger quantities £104
per month*
per month*
per month*
The Leafy Bag (one size) 3-4 portions of varied greens only £43
per month*
£n/a - available at one price only £n/a - available at one price only
Fruit Suppliment 4 portions of varied fruit £39
per month*
per month*
per month*

*our monthly prices are worked out as the average per month across the entire year, as some months have 4 weeks and others have 5.

Choose your pick up point:

The Granville (please note, we are at temporary locations NOT at Carlton Vale)

Pick up on Wednesday from St Luke’s Church, Fernhead Road, W9 3HE between 4-7pm

Pick up on Friday from Salvation Army, 55 Chichester Road, NW6 5QW between 4-7pm

You can pay cash and card in these locations, and we are there in person to say hi when you collect your veg bag.

The Beethoven Centre

Third Ave, London W10 4JL

Local Community Centre – pick up is a locked box so code is needed.
Open between 9-7pm (Saturdays 9-12.30pm – school term time only)


5 Regent St, London NW10 5LG

Pub and restaurant. Pick up from inside the pub.
Pick up 10am-10pm every day.


8 Fairhazel Gardens, London NW6 3SG

Charity and community centre – pick up outside the building from locked box, code needed.
Pick up any time.

We provide
food grown using agroecology principles

We care about
appropriate food

We aim to make
organic food
accessible to all

We support
small scale

We contribute to
South Kilburn

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You can read more about how we are trying to build a more resilient food system here

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can read more in our FAQs section.