In The Press

Towards transformative policies to reduce inequalities for food security and nutrition, the negotiation event was attended by Dee as the UK delegation of the CSIPM Equity Working Group.

A Taste of the Granville, a documentary film GCK collaborated with Yarrow Films.

GCK 2023 Annual Report

Six Inches of Soil, A documentary feature film, Dee and Beni are involved in

Future of Food Symposium 2023 Report, Dee and Lamis involved in

Granville Community Kitchen mentioned as influential  here

Farmerama Radio Hear Leslie on ‘Less and Better’ Episode 6 Just Meat

Video of Oxford Real Farming Conference, Food Sovereignty Reloaded: how does it look today? Dee attended as a chair.

A Community Kitchen in Kilburn: Food Bus Visits GCK! 19 April 2023

Capri (Xueechun) Jiang’s MA Research

GCK features in London Feeds Itself, September 2022

Article about the Good Food Box in The Jellied Eel, July 18th 2022

Article in The Guardian about South Kilburn redevelopment, February 22nd 2022

The Granville Revisited on the Lecker Podcast, January 17th 2022 with much of the audio edited from a 2017 podcast

Interview with Dee on PeerUp, May 4th 2021

Interview with Dee in Resurgence & Ecologist, Issue 324, Jan/Feb 2021

Article in the Kilburn Times, January 6th 2021

Interview with Leslie for Challenge Magazine, November 27th 2020

Article about The Granville, South Kilburn and GCK in Vittles, September 25, 2020

Article about Food Aid in the Kilburn Times, May 18th 2020

Article in the Ethical Consumer, April 27th 2020