How it Works

It’s simple. You sign up for membership of our scheme, and every week we pack a bag of veg for you (and fruit if you want too!) and deliver it to a community based pick up point ready for you to pick up. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Decide a bag size:

The bagSmall StandardFamily Fruit supplement
What you get5-6 types of veg8-9 types of veg in slightly larger quantities10-11 types of veg in even larger quantities4 types of fruit
To feed1 person2 people who like veg or more people who don't eat as muchIdeal for a family2-3 people
START price £3.90 weekly (£16.90 monthly) £7.30 weekly (£32 monthly)£10.60 weekly (£46 monthly) £2.50 weekly (£10.90 monthly)
GO price£6.50 weekly (£28 monthly)£10 weekly (£43 monthly)£14.00 weekly (£60 monthly) £5.00 weekly (£22 monthly)
Solidarity price - must be paid monthly via direct debit£54 monthly (£12.50/week)£82 monthly (£19/week) £104 monthly (£24/week) £39 monthly (£9/week)

2. Pick which Food from your culture bag

The majority of the items in your veg bags will be the same, but the different Food from your culture bags contain a couple of items that are different. 

 At the moment we are offering:

+ A bag that contains 2 items of African and Caribbean heritage produce (yams, plantain, sweet potatoes, african ginger, etc – produce typically grown in tropical climates)

+ A bag that contains North European produce in season (produce typically grown in temperate climates)

We are keen to offer others too so get in touch if you think something will be popular.

3. Decide which community pick up point to collect your bag from.

We have just started small with The Granville as our pick up point. We are keen to expand to having more and will let you know when we do. If you have any suggestions of places that might be keen to host a pick up point, please get in touch. 


Our pick up points are:

The Granville, 140 Carlton Vale, NW6 5HE – pick up between 3-7pm Wednesdays and 3-7pm on Fridays – See a map here.

The Beethoven Centre, 3rd Avenue, W10 4JL – pick up between 8.30am-7pm Monday – Friday – see a map here 

**please note we can only accept cash payments at The Granville pick up point at the moment**

We also offer delivery to those who live with the postcode starting NW6 5…and who are physically unable to collect their bags.

4. Fill in our sign up form to tell us what you want

5. Organise your payment.

If you’re paying the Solidarity price or you selected to pay by GoCardless direct debit, please follow this link to authorise us to set up a direct debit payment on your behalf . Payment for the Solidarity price is taken as a monthly payment that we take shortly after you have signed up and filled in our direct debit mandate. This will be a rolling monthly payment. 

Payment for the Good Food START or Good Food GO prices can be on a weekly or monthly basis. To guarantee a bag, you must tell us a week in advance that you want one. We can accept payment on the day or a week in advance. You can pay by cash, card or Healthy Start Vouchers. Click here for more information about paying by Healthy Start Vouchers

6. Start collecting your fruit and veg

Once you’ve set up your direct debit or let us know that you will be paying by cash or voucher, we will start ordering produce to go in your bag. There is a one week delay on our ordering so we need to know a week in advance who we are ordering for the following week. We’ll contact you to let you know when your first bag will be available for pick up. 

If you’ve any questions about the scheme, please get in touch via email –