Why Join Us

There are loads of reasons to sign-up for a Good Food Box! Here are some of them:

+ Our veg is super fresh. Buying direct from farms means our veg travels from the fields to your fork very quickly, usually within a couple of days for UK produce. This means it is fresher, tastes better, and is better for you.

+ Our tiered pricing system is radically re-imagining our food system, allowing us to think about and build community health (rather than focusing on the individual). We are aiming to reduce price as a barrier to organic food. We do this by keeping our costs down in all areas of our operations, and by setting our prices so that those who can afford to pay a little bit more, so that those who need to pay less can still access fresh veg. This is a model grounded in solidarity rather than charity. Learn more about this tiered pricing system in the FAQs

+ We accept Healthy Start Vouchers.

+ We offer culturally appropriate veg so that you can eat food which is good for your body, the planet and your soul.

+ The majority of our veg is organic and we source from as near to (and including!) South Kilburn as possible. We pride ourselves on trying to produce a food system which is positive for the environment, rather than negative.  

+ We’re creating jobs and providing opportunities for learning and knowledge exchange. 

+ We try to support small scale farmers by paying a fair price and making the supply chain as short as possible so that farmers get a larger piece of the pie. 

+ Local food means greater transparency. We will always tell you exactly where your veg has come from, so you always know exactly what you’re eating and where it has been grown.

+ We are a not-for-profit enterprise. Any surplus we make is reinvested to help us pursue our aim of offering food centred activities, services, education and training that is accessible, family friendly and open to all.

All of these things help us in working towards building a resilient community food system.

Good Food Box tomatoes