Healthy Start Vouchers

Did you know you can use Healthy Start Vouchers to buy your Good Food Box!

Start getting affordable, fresh, nutritious and sustainable fruit and veg today.

What are Healthy Start Vouchers?

The NHS provides vouchers to support people who are pregnant or have young children and are on low incomes. You may be eligible to receive a voucher worth £4.25 or £8.50 per child per week. We have registered so that we can accept Healthy Start Vouchers to buy our Good Food Box, supporting you to access affordable and nutritious fruit and veg in South Kilburn.

How can I get Healthy Start Vouchers?

To sign up to receive Healthy Start Vouchers you need to fill out a paper form.

To download the form visit the Health Start website.

Alternatively you can drop by The Granville (140 Carlton Vale, NW6 5HE) on Wednesday or Friday afternoons.

Do I qualify for Healthy Start Vouchers?

You qualify for Healthy Start Vouchers if you’re at least 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under four years old and you or your family are on certain benefits or have no recourse to public funds.

Visit the Healthy Start Website to find out more about Healthy Start Vouchers.

What can I get for my Healthy Start Vouchers when I use them to buy a Good Food Box?

Number of Healthy Start VouchersIt's ValueWhat you can get with it from the Good Food Box
1 voucher£4.251 small veg bag and a half size of the fruit supplement bag
2 vouchers£8.501 standard veg bag and a fruit supplement bag
3 vouchers£12.751 family veg bag and a fruit supplement bag